Improving Public Education

Education is an investment in our future and we must invest in our teachers by raising their salaries. Good teachers make our public schools stronger. Every child in Arkansas deserves access to a world class education at public school, no matter where they live.

Reducing Crime

Crime is on the rise in our district and families often feel unsafe in their own homes and neighborhoods. Let’s increase community-policing so law enforcement can patrol and work closely with our neighborhoods.

Fighting Corruption in Government

Corruption is rampant in state government and Arkansans have lost trust with their government and elected officials. We need stricter ethics laws to create a more transparent government to end corruption and restore trust.

Reducing Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing in Arkansas. As your State Representative, I will fight to protect the Medicaid expansion and work to keep UAMS fully funded to keep healthcare premiums low for all Arkansans.

Access to Paid Maternity Leave

It’s vital for parents to be able to build a bond and nurture their newborn children, especially in those crucial, first months. Only 5 states in the U.S. require businesses to offer paid maternity leave. I will fight to make Arkansas the next.

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